The PDO Lambrusco

The pleasure of a classic wine! Those who have never had the honor to taste a lambrusco can start with these vines, the archetypes, the first impression, the main way. This line gained the PDO designation, won gold medals, awards and appreciation.


PGI Crocevia

Smooth, dynamic and versatile: these wines match perfectly with different recipes and traditional dishes. They have received gold medals, awards and prizes in several national wine competitions and food and wine guides.



Typical wine of the Bolognese hills and currently produced in our area. Dry, sparkling with straw yellow color. The scent is fresh with floral notes. It looks gentle with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


The Historia

Limited production, high quality awarded with gold medals and appreciation in contests and oenological guides. Its flavor brings us back with a pleasant leap over time of at least five decades when wine making was carried out through ancient methods.

LINEE-biologico cantina santa croce


The true return to the origins… with the most advanced and modern technologies of the Winery, from certified organic vineyards, to preserve the natural qualities and characteristics of the grapes, and at the same time a niche production. These wines are rich in freshness and sapidity, and they will match and satisfy even the most demanding palates.



This is a line that designates a classic among Lambrusco, a classic born in Trentino and a classic born in Romagna. “Il Lambrusco” is a sparkling wine from selected Lambrusco grapes (Salamino, Sorbara and Grasparossa), grown in the are of S. Croce, Campogalliano and Castelvetro.
Muller Thurgau and Sangiovese are highly appreciated in our territory and on our tables, completing the offer to the customer.

linea filtrato dolce

100 Vendemmie

The history of the Lambrusco has been enriched with positive turns of events especially in recent years. Oenologists created a sparkling wine from a lambrusco… with unexpected results. A brand new generation, full of suggestion. This line of sparkling wines is deeply linked with its territory.


Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines selected by our experts to complete the offer to our customers. Essential wines to drink during your most important events and celebrations. Great as cocktail, with appetizers, fish and desserts, you can not miss it!

linea ancellotta fltrato Dolce cantina santa croce

Lancellotta Filtrato Dolce

An icon, symbol of ancient local habits. Lancellotta PGI Grape undergoes only two steps: the grape must is filtered and then fermented. The result is a sparkling wine at low alcohol content, very appreciated by our great-great grandfathers. They definitely wanted to enjoy  the freshness of mature grapes. Do not miss it!

vini sfusi descrizione linee

Wine From Cask

The lambrusco bottled by you according to a beautiful tradition of our territory that keeps generations together. An ancestral ritual following the moon cycles. An ancient activity that lets you play with your oenological knowledge!