Malvasia Dolce Spumante

Protected Designation of Origin

Grape production area: hilly area of Emilia.
Grapes: pure, aromatic Malvasia di Candia.
Vinification: white-wine vinification. The grapes are softly pressed. The must is stored in cold rooms until the prise de mousse phase.
Prise de Mousse: natural fermentation with the Charmat method.
Appearance and sensory characteristics: intense mousse, medium straw yellow in colour. Intense, persistent, fruited aroma with a slight hint of peaches. Fresh, delicately sweet, harmonious flavour.
Alcohol strength:
Food pairing and serving: a wine to enjoy with desserts, pastries, oven-baked confectionery, fruit salads. Excellent with a slice of “Bensòun”, the classic Modenese ring-shaped cake.
Serving temperature: 8° – 10°C